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(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2006|09:13 pm]
Florida Gulf Coast University

hey everyone! i wanted to take orgo II over the summer at fgcu. has anyone taken the class, over the summer or not, and has anyone had the teacher, brown? any opinions on what the class and teacher are like would help me out alot! thanks!
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(no subject) [Feb. 9th, 2006|02:46 am]
Florida Gulf Coast University

By the way, next time you're writing a paper, www.citationmachine.net is your friend.
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(no subject) [Jan. 28th, 2006|07:35 pm]
Florida Gulf Coast University

hi. i'm a prospective student.

what did YOU get accepted to FGCU with?
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Would anybody please help? [Jan. 26th, 2006|10:51 am]
Florida Gulf Coast University

Hey guys, so I'm trying to do this research for my marketing class, and I was wondering if I could get some input from you gym lovers out there, well actually from anybody who would love to respond :).

Why would you go to the gym?
a) to look good and feel confident about yourself
b) to be healthy
c) social reasons

When choosing a gym, do you choose the gym because of:
a) convenience/location
b) price
c) you know someone who's there
d) variety in equipments and programs they offer to help you achieve your ideal image

Which workout programs do you prefer the most:
a) pilates
b) yoga
c) tai chi
d) aquatics
e) total body work out

Thanks again for all your help. You guys rock!
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Cats [Jan. 26th, 2006|01:04 pm]
Florida Gulf Coast University

[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |Sk8er Boi by Avril Levigne]

Is anybody going to see Cats at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater? I think it's only $48 for the show and a dinner and even cheaper for just the show. Has anybody seen it? I've heard Cats is amazing.
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yourtakeon... [Jan. 22nd, 2006|08:38 pm]
Florida Gulf Coast University
neat site for relationship type advice...guy in my dorm referred me to it...and i am passing it on to the community.

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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2006|10:09 pm]
Florida Gulf Coast University
[mood |okayokay]

I'm looking to transfer for this upcoming fall or next winter.. I live in Muskegon, Mi.. but have family that live in Naples. I want to do business but I would excel at Communications..

Whats the transfer deadline for fall? Is it like June 1st?

Let me know thank you very much!

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(no subject) [Jan. 21st, 2006|01:36 am]
Florida Gulf Coast University

To everyone who replied to my last post, thanks. It's nice to know others out there feel my pain, and it felt good to get that off my chest. You guys kick ass!
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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2006|03:12 am]
Florida Gulf Coast University

I know this is whiney, but I don't care, no one really reads this thing anyway. Not that I blame you, is there really much to talk about?

Anywho, it makes me mad that teachers can basically make the grading scale anything they want. In one of my classes, a 92 is a B, and there are only a few grades, so one mess up and there goes the A chance really.

Also... if I have a 9:30am class, why do I want to get up to be there at 7:30am for the final? Obviously that's a far way off, but I looked at the syallbus tonight and it jumped on me like a fat guy on the last slice of pizza. I don't understand why they'd set it up like that. I live in Cape Coral too, so I'll have to be up at 6am. Ugh.

Does FGCU ever count Florida Pre-Paid towards your tuition? Gulfline says it's going to credit over $900 towards it at some point, but not yet, I know one thing, I'm sure as hell not giving FGCU another penny.

Don't take 3 hour classes they suck. Especially a night one that ends at 9:15, when your the only class on campus.

Despite this, school isn't too bad so far this semester. How is it for everyone else?
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Is anybody interested in forming a worth while organization together? [Jan. 19th, 2006|06:58 pm]
Florida Gulf Coast University

Does anybody want to start a chapter of Alpha Phi Omega fraternity with me on campus?

What is Alphi Phi Omega?

APhiO is an amazing fraternity that is recognize by like all over the world. It emphasizes Leadership, Friendship, and Service (with a major emphasis on service to the community).

So why join and who can join?

The Chapter that we would start at FGCU would be a coed (yeah go girl and boy power!)Fraternity like the chapter at FSU (the one that I was in). So this means that anybody can join, just as long as you have an interest in making life long friends, desire to be part of a great fraternity that is known all over the world wherever you go, and if you have a desire to serve your community (which is a requirement anyways to graduate from FGCU).

So who's interested? We need at least 6 people I think and one advisor. I know I'm interested, so I just need 5 more. We'll also need an advisor. Here's more info for anybody who is interested.

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